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Fish & Crab

Fish & Crab

From our Famous At-Home Crab Roll kit to our delicious Dayboat Scallops and luxurious Jonah Crab Cocktail Claws, our Fish & Crab collection has something for everyone!
Crab Lovers Pack
Crab Lovers Pack Sale price$239.00
An image of our Maine Dayboat Scallops seared in a cast iron pan, surrounded by salt, pepper and lemon wedgesAn Image of Raw Maine Dayboat Scallops on chipped ice.
Maine Dayboat Scallops Sale price$80.00
This Photograph shows the Six completed crab rolls out of the At-Home Kit plated beautifully beside a bowl of Lemon wedges, on top of a beautiful Wooden plank table.  The crab is teeming out of the Split top New england style rolls that are included in this kit to ensure you can have that authentic New England feel no matter where you choose to enjoy our At-Home Crab Roll Kit
At-Home Crab Roll Kit Sale price$105.00
This photo shows our Maine Crab meat in a bowl and alongside a cutting board with a smaller portion already separated and ready to be enjoyed!
Crab Meat Sale price$85.00
 This image shows over a dozen crab claws resting on a tray of chipped ice alongside lemon wedges and a creamy sauce to enjoy together.
This photograph shows 2 crab cakes cooked to a perfect golden brown crust on a metal tray with lemon wedges and a herb aioli sauce to complete the mealThis photo shows 4 Crab cakes prepared perfectly on a square metal tray alongside a herb aioli dip
Crab Cakes (2-pack) Sale price$30.00
This image shows our Seafood Sampler Pack, Containing 4 Butterflied and prepared Maine Lobster Tails, a Cast Iron Pan containing cooked Maine Dayboat Scallops, Jonah Crab Cocktail Claws on Ice served with Tartar sauce, and 4 Raw 8oz Atlantic Salmon Filets.
The Seafood Sampler Pack Sale priceFrom $300.00
This image shows 2 8oz Atlantic Salmon Filets plated and ready to be prepared however you may choose
This photo shows the butter warmer which is used to keep your butter perfectly melted to be dipped in and enjoyed with your favorite meal from Cousins Maine Lobster
Romantic Maine Dinner for 2Romantic Maine Dinner for 2
Romantic Maine Dinner for 2 Sale priceFrom $250.00
Salmon & Tails PackSalmon & Tails Pack
Salmon & Tails Pack Sale priceFrom $170.00