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Live Lobster

Live Lobster

In honor of National Lobster Day

Save 20% off our Entire Live Lobster Collection!

This photograph shows the two lobsters on a tray freshly steamed alongside a small pot of melted butter, Lemon wedges, claw crackers and picks to remove all of the delicious Maine lobster meatThis photograph shows two live lobsters Banded, just how you will receive them when you order from cousins Maine lobster
Live Lobsters (Minimum 2) Sale priceFrom $50.00
This photograph shows our Cousins Maine Lobster Toolkit laid out on a dining table beside some freshly steamed lobsters ready to be enjoyed!  The kit includes How-to-eat a Lobster Placemats, Two Lobster Claw Cracker, a pair of Lobster Bibs, a Packet of Maine Sea Salt (to season pot when cooking), and two Wet Naps for cleaning up!
CML Lobster Toolkit Sale price$10.00
This photo shows the butter warmer which is used to keep your butter perfectly melted to be dipped in and enjoyed with your favorite meal from Cousins Maine Lobster
Vacationland Sale priceFrom $310.00
Romantic Maine Dinner for 2Romantic Maine Dinner for 2
Romantic Maine Dinner for 2 Sale priceFrom $250.00